Somerville Professional AC Services

WithSomerville Professional AC Services peak July temperatures reaching the mid-90s, Somerville residents are no strangers to the heat. Warm weather is great when you want to enjoy a little fun in the sun. However, nothing beats coming home to a nice, cool home after a long day enjoying the outdoors.

Keeping your home cool and comfortable all year round means that your AC needs to be working at its best. This will require the services of an experienced AC contractor like Nance Services.

For decades, Nance Services has provided Memphis residents with affordable AC contracting services. We are proud to announce that we have expanded our service area to include the city of Somerville. Whether you need a simple tune-up or total replacement, our professionals are the team for the job!

Somerville AC Installation Services

As mentioned above, our Somerville AC services include new equipment installations and replacements. While your home’s AC system will last for 10 years or more, it will eventually need replacing. When that time comes, it is vital that you pick the right team for the job.

Nance Services will assess your home and current AC system. We will help you choose the ideal replacement model for your budget and home size. Your new AC will more efficiently cool your home, resulting in reduced utility bills and a more enjoyable living environment.

Having the right size and style of AC system is essential. An AC system that is too large will consume an excess amount of electricity. On the other hand, an AC unit that is too small will not be able to effectively cool your home. Our team uses only the best brands and are experts at replacing residential cooling systems.

We don’t just replace existing equipment, but also provide new installation services as well. If you are planning to build a custom home, then you need a reliable AC contractor like Nance Services.

We are accustomed to working with other contractors so that your home build stays on schedule. Our team will communicate with you through every step of the process and get your brand-new AC system installed without a hitch.

Somerville AC Repairs

At Nance Services, we are more than happy to install a new AC system when you need one. However, we believe in doing business with integrity and will never upsell you or push you into buying a product that you don’t need. With that said, we offer comprehensive AC repair services.

Our experienced technicians are accustomed to working on all brands and ages of AC systems. We will be able to efficiently troubleshoot your existing equipment and locate the cause of the problem. The following are common signs that your AC is due for a repair:

  • AC is not blowing cold air
  • Inconsistent temperature in your home
  • AC cannot achieve set temperature
  • AC system will not cycle on/off
  • AC system makes unusual noises
  • Strange odors come from ductwork
  • You have experienced a spike in operating costs

All of the factors listed above are indicators that your home’s AC system is not working as designed. Problems such as an AC that fails to cycle or spikes in utility bills are especially concerning. This is because an AC that runs continuously can suffer damage to vital components. Once this happens, you will be stuck with a huge repair bill.

Anytime your AC system begins to behave abnormally, you should contact Nance Services immediately. We provide affordable service visits and can inspect your AC system to ensure that it is running correctly. If it is not, we can quickly make any needed repairs.

Somerville AC Maintenance

As with any essential home equipment, your AC system requires regular maintenance to function optimally. Generally, Nance Services recommends contacting us for an AC maintenance visit once per year.

The ideal time to schedule this appointment is in mid to late Spring, before the peak summer months. Your AC system will be working the hardest during the hottest days of the year. This means that it will be more prone to a breakdown if maintenance is put off until the Summer.

During a maintenance visit, our professionals will perform a thorough inspection of all vital components. This includes your coils, blower motor, condenser, evaporators, and more. They will also check and calibrate your thermostat to ensure that it is effectively communicating with other components.

Our maintenance services include the installation of a new air filter as well. The technician will also check your refrigerant levels and top them off if needed. Having an adequate amount of refrigerant is vital for efficient cooling.

AC Service Near Me

When you need reliable Somerville AC service, you can count on Nance Services. Our friendly professionals will get there fast and get to work troubleshooting your home’s cooling system.

We can handle all of your residential AC service needs, including emergency after-hours repairs. If you are ready to schedule your appointment or need to speak to our pros, call our office today! We look forward to serving you.

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