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Drain Cleaning in Memphis

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If you own a home, there’s a good chance you’re pretty familiar with drain clogs. Clogs happen—it doesn’t matter what drain, what room, or where in your home it might be, nearly any drain can clog up over time due to the waste it carries away. At some point, just about every homeowner has shared a common thought: there has to be an easy way to get rid of clogs for good. However, those liquid drain cleaners and clog dissolvers usually damage your drains and are far more trouble than they’re worth. At Nance Services, we want to take the stress out of dealing with clogs and fix the issue so you can go back to using your drain like you do each and every day.

Nance Services understands drains and we understand how to safely, effectively, and completely get rid of clogs for you. From simple issues like hair and soap scum clogs to toilet clogs, perimeter drain clogs, shower clogs, and everything in between, we can get rid of it for you quickly and safely. All of our drain cleaning methods and technologies use safe, eco-friendly materials and solutions, and we take care to avoid damaging your drain, unlike many liquid drain cleaners do. When you trust us to take care of your clog problem, you can be confident that the issue won’t be coming back anytime soon—we back every service we provide with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and we’ll come back and get your problem fixed again if your clog returns within a year of our drain cleaning service. Plus we always offer superior customer service from friendly staff members who arrive on time and keep their work area clean to respect your home.

Get the help you need from the pros at Nance Services. Dial 901.867.1527 today and let us take care of that pesky drain problem in your home.

We Fix All Types of Clogs

Nance Services wants to be the number-one name in Memphis drain cleaning services, and we go to great lengths in order to do that. Not only are our drain cleaning tools some of the most high-tech and dependable in the industry, but they’re designed to tackle any type of clog you might have. We can remove clogs from lines as small as 3/4” to as large as four inches, including main sewer lines. From galvanized steel and copper to plastic materials like PVC, we offer services that clean them out and make them look almost as new as the day they were first installed.

Our drain cleaning services can tackle all of the following:

  • Soap scum
  • Hair
  • Food waste
  • Sludge
  • Scale & corrosion
  • Dirt & mud
  • Other debris

The most common way we clean drains in a modern home is through jetting. Jetting uses a stream of water under tremendously high pressure to remove just about anything that’s stuck to the walls of your drain lines. Using a specialized nozzle that’s fed into your drain, your plumber pushes the tool through the line and has it blast away everything on the walls of your plumbing and immediately in front of it. The process is faster, more effective, and easier on your plumbing lines than virtually every other type of clog removal that came before it.

Tired of clogs? Trust Nance Services to get rid of them for you! Contact us today.

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