Furnace Services in Olive Branch, MS

You certainly can’t go without reliable heating during the coldest days of winter here in Olive Branch, MS. It might not be your top priority compared with keeping your home cool in the summer, but it’s essential that you don’t let your heating system fall into disrepair.

To get the furnace services you need, you’ll want help from trained professionals like the HVAC contractors at Nance Services. We handle all types of heating systems, delivering quality installations and repairs at great prices.

We are strongly committed to helping our customers all around Memphis, TN, and we make sure that our technicians have the training, knowledge, and tools they need to handle any furnace services you need. You can reach out to Nance Services today for same-day heater repair and other reliable services in Olive Branch, MS.

Furnace Maintenance

Most furnaces last for at least several decades, given that they’re properly cared for. While you might be able to handle something like changing the air filter yourself, more advanced furnace tune-ups are best left to the professionals.

A comprehensive furnace tune-up from Nance Services is a great way to ensure your furnace is in working condition before winter rolls around. Our inspections cover:

  • Thermostat inspection and calibration
  • Inspection and oiling of moving parts
  • Ductwork inspection
  • Performance test for your furnace
  • Gas line safety check
  • Replacing filters
  • Electrical component inspection

This basic maintenance keeps your home safer by identifying potential problems with your furnace. It also helps your furnace run more efficiently, saving you money on your heating bill.

You should always try to book your annual tune-up well in advance of winter. You don’t want to find out that your furnace isn’t working right on a cold night that you actually need it. You can address your furnace maintenance proactively with Nance Services and save yourself a lot of trouble in the long run.

Furnace Repair

The team at Nance Services repairs all types and brands of furnaces, gas and electric. An essential part of our tune-ups is identifying damage that might require furnace repairs. Catching these issues early on is the best way to handle them, often reducing the overall cost of repairs. If you’re having any trouble with your furnace at all, you can call Nance Services for same-day service today.

Most major issues with your furnace are going to exhibit some key warning signs that you should watch out for. Keeping a close eye can save a lot of hassle down the line, so don’t hesitate to reach out to Nance Services if you notice any of the following:

  • Visible damage or wear to the furnace
  • The furnace won’t turn on at all
  • Uneven or insufficient hearing
  • Continuous running (rather than cycling)
  • Excessive cycling
  • An inaccurate thermostat temperature reading
  • Strange noises coming from the furnace
  • Foul odors (indicating a potential gas leak)

Even minor signs can indicate that something is about to go wrong, and waiting until your furnace quits completely isn’t the right call to make. Issues with your furnace can also create a safety hazard in your home, so don’t hesitate to call.

Gas leaks are an immediate risk. If you notice the sulfur-like smell of a leak, call Nance Services for emergency repairs right away. Another potential hazard of a damaged furnace is carbon monoxide production. This odorless gas is the result of inefficient combustion, and it is very poisonous. Every home with a furnace should have a carbon monoxide detector and get annual tune-ups to prevent these dangers.

For any less immediate furnace services you need, our team is still available for same-day service. We can quickly get to the bottom of the issue at hand and give you a reliable quote for the furnace repairs you need in Olive Branch, MS.

Furnace Installation

Eventually, it’ll be in your best interest to go with a furnace replacement instead of ongoing repairs. Nance Services provides quality furnace installations with hardware from trusted brands. We can find the perfect furnace for your home by carefully determining your home’s heat load. This value defines how large a furnace you’ll need to keep you and your family comfortable throughout the winter in Olive Branch, MS.

Nance Services can supply the right furnace for any home and budget. A new furnace can be a major investment, so our technicians can help guide you through the process. We offer reliable, up-front pricing and can answer any questions you might have.

Our furnace installations combine both reliable hardware and quality work. With Nance Services, you’re getting a furnace installation that is both safe and reliable. We will ensure that your furnace is in excellent working condition, along with auxiliary parts and fittings.

Heating Services Near Me

If you want reliable furnace services that deliver on quality and affordability, call Nance Services today. We’re the top provider of furnace installations and repairs here in Olive Branch, MS, and back in Memphis, TN. Our expert team can provide you with same-day service for most types of repairs. Reach out and book your appointment today.

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