Furnace Services in Millington

MaintainingMillington Furnace Services your heater is not simply a matter of comfort, but it is also a matter of safety for your family. Temperatures can frequently drop below freezing on a winter day in Millington, and this alone can be hazardous without the proper heating system within your home. That is why we offer same-day heating services in the Millington area.

Our customer service goes above and beyond that of any other company in the area. We provide competitive prices and our estimates are always trustworthy and accurate. We promise to never include any surprise costs on parts or labor. No job is too big or too small, so you should never hesitate to call us as soon as you have a concern.

Heater Repairs

No matter what type of heating system you have in your home, Nance Services is experienced in diagnosing and fixing the problem. Heaters are often subject to breakdowns during the winter season because of how often they are used. It is a good idea to have your heater inspected frequently so that you can catch any problems and repair them before they cause a major breakdown.

Furnace Repairs

We have a combined 75 years of experience in furnace repair which means that there is no problem that we have not already seen. We have learned enough to be able to perfectly balance affordability, quality, and speed. At Nance Services you have access to same-day service. This means that when you call us, we will be there within hours to fix your furnace. We arrive with a fully stocked truck so that we don’t spend extra time leaving the site to get parts, and we don’t leave a job until we are satisfied with the quality and safety of your system.

Some problems can be merely an inconvenience while others can be dangerous. If you notice loose electrical connections, you hear a hissing sound, or you smell gas, you should call right away to avoid a hazardous situation. If your furnace is running less efficiently, is struggling to heat your home to your desired temperature, or you have noticed a sudden increase in your heating bill, you should also call Nance Services for fast and expert diagnostics and repairs. Each member of our team is trained and licensed so you can be confident in the quality of your repair.

Furnace Installation

Installing a furnace that evenly heats each room in the house while keeping heating costs low is an engineering feat. It requires quality ductwork that is the proper size, a reliable furnace, and technicians who are experts in the field of furnace installations. We have been providing these services for years and we know exactly what it takes to perform a perfect installation.

While any furnace problem is technically fixable, there are times when it makes more sense to have your furnace replaced. Most furnaces last for about 20 years. As the 20-year mark approaches, you may begin to notice your furnace begin to have more frequent problems that need to be repaired, and it may begin to have a noisier operation. You may also want to upgrade your furnace if your current heater isn’t big enough for your home.

A new furnace can come with a few other benefits as well. Many homeowners enjoy switching to a unit that is quieter than their previous heater. As technology continues to improve, furnaces are becoming more and more efficient. When you have a new heater installed in your home, you will probably enjoy an immediate decrease in your heating expenses.

Heat Pump Services

In a climate such as Millington’s, a heat pump can do a lot to reduce your electricity usage during the winter months. Heat pumps transfer warm air from outside, even in cold weather, and pump it inside. Today’s heat pump models are especially efficient, and regular use of a heat pump as the primary or even secondary source of heat can reduce your energy bills up to half.

If you have a heat pump, it is important to find a reputable heat pump repair and installation specialist to help you with routine maintenance and repairs. At Nance Services, we specialize in heat pump repair and installation and we offer comprehensive services for every type and brand of a heat pump.

With every repair or installation, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you are not happy with your heat pump service, we will stay until you are. We use only the best parts and we put care and precision into everything we do.

At Nance Services, we are proud to offer furnace and heat pump services in the Millington area. We have built our business on the timeless virtues of hard work, compassion, and integrity. With each appointment, you can be sure that we will provide the highest quality work. Join the Nance Services family today by investing in our Nance Club Membership Program or by calling and scheduling an appointment with one of our friendly technicians.

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