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With proper maintenance, many heating systems can last up to 20 years. Whether you have a furnace, heat pump, or other heating systems in your home, the professionals at Nance Services are ready to assist with your heating needs. From repair to maintenance to total replacements, you can rely on Nance for expert craftsmanship and a quality job well done. Learn more about our heating services below.

Heating Repair

The best time to have your furnace or other types of heating system inspected is in the fall before your daily comfort depends on it. If there is something wrong with your heating, you can have it repaired before the colder months begin in Memphis. Even if everything seems to be in working order, hidden issues from last year can become exacerbated this year, potentially leading your system to a full breakdown when you are using it the most.

By scheduling yearly maintenance on your furnace or heat pump, you can get ahead of any repair needs that may pop up. Annual maintenance also helps your system maintain maximum efficiency and increases the longevity of various internal parts. If your system does experience an unexpected problem, our expert technicians are ready to inspect, diagnose, and repair any issue plaguing your system.

Furnace Repair

Not only does a broken furnace leave you cold and frustrated, but it can also affect the comfort of your pets, the functioning of your electronics, and the state of your plumbing. When you need furnace repair, you need it fast. Call the experts at Nance right away if you experience any of the following with your furnace:

  • Unit doesn’t turn on
  • Difficulty in maintaining set temperatures
  • Burning smells from vents
  • Sudden and unexplained increase to the heating bill
  • Gas leak (hissing and or smell) on the gas-powered furnace

For repair on your gas, electric, or oil-powered furnace, call Nance Services for same-day appointments and emergency services. Our trained professionals are ready to attend to your furnace repair needs in a respectful and timely manner. Don’t hesitate to call about emergency heating needs day or night.

Heating Installation

When it comes to home heating, Memphis residents have many options. Because of the relatively mild winters, you may be adequately comfortable with a heat pump. However, furnaces are still popular choices for many homes in the area. Whether you want to upgrade to a better heating system for your home or simply need to replace an older furnace, Nance professionals can help you choose the right model for your home and expertly install the system so you can relax and enjoy efficient heating in your home all winter long.

Although many furnace models are built to last, eventually homeowners will need to replace a worn-out unit. Nance professionals are well versed in the different types of furnaces and can help you find the best option for your home. Not only will a new furnace provide you and your family with proper warmth through the winter, but you may discover that your new furnace is more efficient and less expensive to run than your older unit. To experience all the benefits of a new furnace this winter and discuss your heating options, call Nance Services today.

Heat Pumps

If your home has never been fitted with ducts before, you may be nervous about the cost and invasive installation process of adding this type of heating to your home. Heat pumps provide an alternative to typical ducted systems. Plus, they work well for the Memphis area.

Heat pumps take the heat from the outside air, even when it’s cold, and moves it indoors. The outdoor unit transfers the heat inside through refrigerant lines that are connected to indoor air handlers. The process can be reversed in the summer to work as air conditioning, by removing indoor heat and blowing it outside.

This type of system still requires regular maintenance to maintain efficiency, much like a furnace. A homeowner will need to replace or clean the filters regularly but won’t have to worry about ductwork with a heat pump.

You will want to schedule yearly maintenance with Nance to ensure your heat pump system runs efficiently from year to year and lasts as long as possible. During a heat pump tune-up, your technician will inspect, lubricate, and repair internal parts. They will also clean the coils, measure airflow, calibrate the thermostat, and adjust refrigerant levels if needed.

Some variants of heat pumps allow homeowners to set zones in their home or heat only one room at a time. This can be useful for lowering energy costs by not having to heat the entire house when you only need heat in a couple of rooms. Homeowners can also use heat pumps as supplemental heat or as a heat source for a bonus room, home addition, garage, or work shed. Contact us about heat pump options to learn more about this type of heating system.

Call the trained technicians at Nance Services the next time you need furnace or heat pump services in Memphis.

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