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When you invest in a cooling system, you want to know you can rely on it to keep you comfortable through Mississippi summers. That’s why air conditioning services aren’t a one-and-done kind of thing. What your home in Hernando needs is a consistent relationship with a reliable HVAC provider.

Nance Services aims to be the name you rely on for all your air conditioner needs. We specialize in every aspect of AC work. With every job we do, we make sure to do it correctly. Keep reading to learn the air conditioning services we can bring to your home today!

Signs You Need AC Repair

How do you know when you need to get your air conditioning repaired? Well, for starters, if you’ve been searching the web for “AC repair near me,” that’s a good indicator that something is wrong.

Unlike other appliances, which can sometimes get damaged without you noticing, it’s easy to tell when an air conditioner is no longer working well.

Symptoms of a Broken AC

Your AC may struggle to cool all the rooms of your home thoroughly. Or it might not be cooling at all! You may also be noticing unusual noises, unpleasant odors, or even water pooling around the base.

You can prevent these issues with regular maintenance and changing the filter every few months. But if you’ve been unable to do that, it’s likely there’s been some damage done.

Nance Services can send one of our professionals to inspect the state of your air conditioner. We can then fix what’s needed or, if the problem is too severe, we can suggest a replacement AC installation. That may sound harsh, but upgrading your cooling system can bring a lot of good to your home (and save you money).

Benefits of an Air Conditioner Upgrade

HVAC technology is a field that advances with every passing year. If your current AC was old when you moved in, a new model could bring potentially decades worth of improvement to your Hernando, MS, household.

Better Technology

New air conditioners are better, plain and simple. They’re stronger yet more efficient, meaning that they can cool your home better and with less energy. And an AC upgrade will drastically improve the air quality in your home, which makes it an excellent investment if you live with people suffering from allergies.


Of course, upgrading comes with a price tag. If you gawk at the price of a new air conditioner, consider the fees you’re avoiding by buying one. There will be no more paying for repair after repair, which, as we all know, stack up pretty quickly in terms of bills. You also will end up using less energy. As a result, you’ll lower your utility bill and save money from month to month.

Clean Slate

When you upgrade to a new air conditioner, you get a clean slate for air conditioner maintenance. Modern air conditioners can function for twice as long as their technological ancestors. Up to twenty years, in fact. So when you invest in one yourself, you can make sure it gets the maintenance needed to last as long as possible.

AC Tune-Up Versus AC Repair

Tune-ups and repairs are two air conditioner maintenance terms you may have seen thrown around. Some may choose to use them interchangeably, but they’re actually quite different.


When you call Nance Services for air conditioner repair, it’s because your current air conditioner is no longer functioning. Whatever problem has progressed to the point where it prevents proper usage or shuts the system down entirely. It requires a morse invasive treatment with a fee to match.

Nance Services can perform an air conditioner repair, but you shouldn’t wait until your unit’s broken down and you need one to give us a call.


If you own an AC, you should familiarize yourself with the idea of air conditioner tune-ups. Basically, tune-ups are a mini revitalization job for your AC after a few months of disuse. Unlike a repair, a tune-up is something you do regularly一once a year is our suggestion.

A regular tune-up, ideally done in the fall or early spring, will ensure functionality for another Mississippi summer. Not only that, but it’ll allow a member of our Nance Services team to spot potential problem areas before they require a deeper repair.

The Best Air Conditioning Services Straight from Memphis, TN

For your air conditioning services, you may not consider a provider based in Memphis. But at Nance Services, we aim to offer a helping hand as far as possible, including Hernando, MS, and other parts of Mississippi. You shouldn’t have to compromise with a second-rate HVAC service. From installation to replacement, Nance Services is the best that our shared area has to offer.

So if you’re looking to keep cool with confidence, go with Nance Services. From our Memphis, TN, homes to your Hernando, MS, home, we can give you that Southern hospitality our part of the country is so famous for.

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