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ForProfessional AC Services Eads fast and reliable air conditioning services, you can trust the professionals at Nance. We enjoy finding individual cooling solutions for each person’s needs and budget. Whether you are looking to install air conditioning for the first time in your home or need a repair on a faulty air conditioner, you can count on Nance. We understand that air conditioning is not just a luxury in Eads, it is essential. When yours is on the fritz, call our Eads AC specialists before you have to suffer in the heat and humidity any longer.

Air Conditioning Repair

Your air conditioner is comprised of many moving parts and a network of machinery, which work together to produce the cool air you enjoy in the summertime. Because there are so many steps involved in this process, any number of issues can pop up to cause a malfunction. Call us for air conditioning repair near Eads as soon as possible when you notice any of the following problems with your air conditioning:

  • No cool air flowing through vents.
  • There is uneven cooling from room to room.
  • You hear strange noises coming from the unit.
  • You can smell musty or burning odors when AC is running.
  • There is too much humidity present in the home.
  • The thermometer settings don’t match the home’s environment.
  • The unit doesn’t turn on at all.
  • The unit runs continuously with little to no effect on temperature.

If your unit is producing a screeching, banging, or grinding noise, then turn it off right away. This may indicate that a part is loose, and continual use will lead to extensive or irreparable damage. Many times, these parts can be easily fixed or replaced to support the longevity of your system. Replacement of the unit may become necessary if issues are neglected for too long.

AC Troubleshooting

When your air conditioner isn’t properly functioning, you may be hesitant to call a repairman before first trying to fix it yourself. Here are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to see if your air conditioner problem requires a simple fix or work from a skilled professional:

Thermostat Settings. Check to see if your thermostat is set to “cool” instead of “fan” or “heat”. 

Breaker Box. Open up your breaker box and check for a flipped switch. If the switch keeps flipping when the AC is running, it may be time for a breaker box repair or panel upgrade.

Air Filter. A dirty air filter can slow air flow and make your unit run inefficiently. Replace your air filter with a new one every few months for optimal performance. Be sure to replace with the correct size for your unit and MERV rating for your unique needs. The higher the MERV rating, the more particles it will filter out of the air. Too high, however, and it can cause air resistance in your unit and cause damage.

If you have performed these steps and your air conditioner is still not working as it should, one of our technicians can come inspect and diagnose the problem. Because of the wiring and delicate mechanical parts inside of the air conditioner, it is best to let a professional handle internal inspection. You can help your air conditioner avoid sudden breakdowns and frequent repairs by scheduling a yearly tune-up with an AC professional near Eads.

AC Replacement/Installation

When you want to install air conditioning for the first time or replace an old unit, our experts are ready to set you up with the most efficient cooling solutions on the market. Our air conditioning technicians are trained to handle both central air and mini-split AC services in Eads, including installation and replacement of these units. You can expect professional guidance on the right system for your home and proper installation from our experts no matter which type of cooling solution you choose for your home.

Mini-Split Air Conditioners

When you need a more flexible cooling solution compared to traditional central air, look no further than mini-split air conditioning. Mini-split systems are ideal for homes that don’t have the proper structure to house ducts or have the space requirements needed for an HVAC. These systems are also great additions to homes that need supplemental air conditioning in a space such as a garage or shed.

Some benefits of mini-split air conditioners include:

  • Quiet operation and energy-efficient.
  • Can switch off cooling in rooms that aren’t in use.
  • Easy to install anywhere.
  • Remote controls and Wi-Fi connection.
  • Longer lifespans than central air conditioners.
  • Several styles to choose from to seamlessly integrate into your space.

Like traditional air conditioners, ductless systems must also be regularly maintained for continued efficiency. A yearly tune-up will help preserve internal components and prevent inconvenient breakdowns in the middle of summer. Our technicians are trained to look for common air conditioning issues and offer effective solutions for mitigation. When replacement is necessary, we can help you choose your next upgrade and install the system to return cooling to your home as quickly as possible.

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