So, Why Is My House Humid?

If you live in Memphis, TN, you’re no stranger to high humidity. You may even have the phone number of an HVAC repair company on speed dial for those days when it’s just too hot and muggy. The mere thought of your air conditioner not working on such days is enough to make you start to sweat. 

The professional contractors at Nance Services can keep your air conditioning running smoothly in the summer, which is important for more than just your comfort. A properly functioning HVAC system in your house cools the air, but it also helps keep the relative humidity inside your home at a proper level.

What Is High Humidity?

A certain amount of humidity is normal and helps keep your home and body healthy. The average relative humidity in your home should fall between 30% and 50%. According to Energy Star, relative indoor humidity greater than 50% is too high and can cause trouble for your health and home.

Issues with High Humidity Levels in Your Home

In addition to the hot sticky feeling inside your home when the humidity is too high, there are other reasons you want to keep the level right. Allergens and pollutants are more prevalent in homes with higher humidity. This can lead to increased allergy symptoms or headaches. 

Overly dry air can also create an uncomfortable environment, not to mention causing nosebleeds! 

Signs of High Humidity in Your Home

Of course, you can’t control outdoor humidity. But when the humidity gets too high inside your home, pay attention because that can spell trouble, and it’s an issue you can do something about. 

You may notice the air in your home feels thick and muggy. Other signs that humidity is too high inside include:

  • Condensation on mirrors and windows
  • Condensation on plumbing pipes and toilet tanks
  • Creaky or buckled floorboards
  • Peeling paint
  • Mildew or wet looking stains (especially on ceilings and around air vents)

A humidity level that is too high can also have adverse health effects, so don’t ignore the signs. If you notice any of these signs in your Memphis, TN, home, take action. Call the professional contractors at Nance Services because you may need HVAC repair.

What Causes High Humidity in Your Memphis, TN, Home?

Several factors can contribute to a high level of humidity in your home. For example, the outdoor climate can affect your indoor humidity. If the outside humidity is very high, it can create a sticky and muggy environment inside your house, as well.

Routine daily activities like cooking, showering, and running the dishwasher can affect the humidity in your home. These activities can add moisture to the air inside naturally. 

Leaks in your plumbing system can cause excess humidity, and moisture from the soil under your home can penetrate the foundation, creating higher humidity levels inside your home. 

Cracked caulk, worn or missing weatherstripping, and poor insulation also play a role as it means your house is not adequately protected and sealed from the outside environment.

What Role Does an HVAC System Play in Humidity Control?

A properly sized air conditioning system is an essential means of humidity control. The evaporator coil inside your air conditioner unit acts as a dehumidifier. 

If your AC unit is too large, it may cool your house too quickly, running only 10 or 15 minutes on a hot day. In order to dehumidify your home adequately, a longer run time is needed.

Don’t Neglect HVAC Repair

If the AC unit you have is a proper size but is not running well for some other reason, this will also impact its effectiveness in helping control the humidity level in your home. 

If this is the case, it’s a good idea to crack the windows in your home to allow for better ventilation, then call Nance Services. We will send one of our professional contractors to your home for an HVAC repair appointment.

Are There Other Ways to Control Humidity?

A properly sized and functioning HVAC system is crucial to control humidity in your home, but you can also take other steps. Here are a few:

  • Ensure your doors and windows are properly caulked, and the weatherstripping is in good condition
  • Check to see that your home is well insulated
  • Use exhaust fans in your bathroom and kitchen when showering and cooking
  • Consider using a humidity monitor if you know your home is prone to high relative humidity levels
  • Have your plumbing inspected if you suspect leaks

Routine inspection of these aspects of your home by professionals who can make needed repairs can help you keep humidity inside your house under control.

Use the Services of a Professional Contractor

When you think your HVAC system may be a culprit in the high humidity levels in your home, call Nance Services. Our professional contractors can help Memphis, TN, residents with their HVAC repair needs. We offer round-the-clock emergency service and can be there in a flash to get your air conditioner up and running.

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