Is Your Toilet Running Constantly?

The sound of a continuously running toilet is bad enough, but it’s that much worse when your monthly water bill shows up. Running toilets are also difficult to flush, rendering them practically useless in addition to being annoying. If you have a continuously running toilet in your Memphis home, it’s time to take action. 

A running toilet can be the result of several issues. In many cases, it’s a simple fix, but first, it’s time to do a little sleuthing. Let’s look at some of the biggest issues that cause toilets to run continuously and what you can do about them: 

Check Out the Flapper Valve

The flapper valve is a good place to start your sleuthing as it’s most often responsible for running toilet problems. Most people don’t think to routinely inspect the inside of their toilet tank, so it’s easy to miss a flapper valve that’s deteriorated over time and finally called it quits. 

The flapper valve is the little door on the very bottom of the tank. When you flush the toilet, this flap opens up and releases the tank water into the bowl. If the flapper valve is cracked or damaged, it allows a steady stream of water into the bowl, which leaves the toilet running. 

Replacing the flapper valve is pretty straightforward. You can purchase a replacement at your local hardware store. 

When you get home with the new part, start by shutting off the water supply to the toilet and flushing it to drain the tank. Detach the chain from the old flapper valve and remove the pins from the side of the overflow tube. Attach the new flapper valve and connect the pins. If the chain is too long, you’ll need to shorten it up. 

Inspect the Flapper Chain

Speaking of the flapper chain, it’s another common cause of running toilets that is easy to fix. If it’s too long or too short, it hampers the functionality of the flapper. 

A chain that’s too long can easily get in the way and prohibit the flapper from closing. Likewise, if it’s too short, it doesn’t allow the flapper to close all of the way by not giving it enough slack. 

In either case, it prevents the flapper from achieving the tight seal needed to keep the water from continuously flowing into the toilet bowl. Both issues are easily fixed by adjusting the chain length. 

Lower the Float

The float is the small device that helps your toilet know how far to fill the tank without causing overflowing. The water will rise to the level of the float and stop. If the float is set too high, to a level the water will never reach, it causes the water to continually keep flowing into the bowl through the overflow tube. 

If you’ve got a float arm, loosen or tighten the screw to allow a range of movement and lower the float. If you have a column float that’s attached to the fill valve, simply loosen the screw or clip and push down on the float to get it to where you want it. Then tighten it back up. 

Shorten the Refill Tube

The refill tube that’s too long or isn’t seated correctly will cause water to continually pump into the toilet bowl. 

To fix this issue, pull the tube out of the overflow. The excess that sticks up above the opening needs to be trimmed. Cut away the part that’s sticking up over the top of the opening and clip it back in place to the side of the overflow tube. 

Inspect the Handle

The toilet handle is where the flushing process begins, so it can affect the entire process if there’s a problem here. Over time the lever arm that connects your handle to the flusher valve can corrode or deteriorate. Corrosion can even cause the handle to get stuck in the down position, which causes the flapper valve to stay open. 

Replacing the handle arm assembly will stop the problem. Make sure to look for a plastic one that will hold up to corrosion. 

When Nothing Seems to Work

Whether you need help diagnosing the problem or have tried all of the suggestions and nothing has worked, a plumbing professional can help you get to the bottom of the running toilet issue. 

Running toilets don’t get better with time. The longer you wait, the longer you have to deal with the inconvenience, and the more you’ll pay on your water bill. 

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