How Do I Clear a Slow Drain?

Drain clogs and slow drains are part of homeownership. Drains are built to carry away all kinds of household waste, and most of the time, they do their job perfectly, and you don’t even know they’re there. But once in a while, they slow down, bringing the household to a complete halt. 

Not being able to take a shower, wash the dishes, or throw in a load of laundry is more than an inconvenience. If it continues for weeks, it can create a health problem inside your home. Call Nance Services before slow drains make it impossible to complete everyday tasks.

What Causes a Slow Drain?

A slow drain may result from a clog in the pipe, but other more severe problems can also cause drains to empty slowly. In addition to a clog, your plumbing system may be having one of the following problems:

  • Overuse of the System – Plumbing may need upgrading to keep up with the square footage of your home or usage habits
  • Septic Tank Problems – Issues like restricted effluent flow because the tank is too full
  • Extreme Rainstorms – Large amounts of water can saturate the ground and prevent the drain field from draining properly
  • High Water Use – The system is backed up due to extensive water usage

Call Nance Services for a full inspection of your sewage and draining system if your plumbing system has slowed down through the years or if you plan on adding a new bathroom to your existing system. 

4 Tips for Clearing a Slow Drain

If you’re stuck with a drain that won’t do its job, try our suggestions for clearing it quickly. 

1. Plunge It

The biggest mistake people make when trying to plunge a sink is using the wrong type of plunger. There should be two types of plungers in every household: a bell-shaped toilet plunger with a flange on the end and a sink plunger that is a simple cup shape. 

Before plunging, remove any visible debris and most of the standing water in the sink or tub. The job can get messy, so you may want to wear rubber gloves, protective eye gear, and put on an apron or old shirt.

Center the plunger over the drain, covering all of the edges. Keep the handle straight up and down, not angled. Pump the tool once or twice. If the plunger is positioned correctly, you’ll feel resistance. If there is no resistance, adjust your position.

To break the connection between plunger and sink, pull straight up. Plunge straight up and down for about 20 seconds. You should hear a popping noise when the pressure is released. This can help dislocate a clog.

If the clog has been loosened, the water should drain normally. If not, try plunging two or three more times in 20-second intervals. If this doesn’t help, it’s time to call the professionals at Nance Services.

Warning: Never plunge a sink if you have poured drain-cleaning chemicals into it. This could result in serious chemical burns on the skin or the eyes.   

2. Don’t DIY IT

Many DIY solutions can end up making the problem worse. You may damage pipes with caustic chemicals or push a clog further down, making the job more complicated when you finally give in and call in a local plumber to fix the problem. If plunging doesn’t clear a slow drain, that’s a good indication that the issue requires more expertise than a simple DIY fix.

3. Call Nance Services in Memphis, TN, for Drain Cleaning

If a clog is a problem, drain cleaning from the pros at Nance Services is the solution. We can safely remove minor clogs and large ones up to four inches from any type of pipe. With high-pressure water jetting, we can remove:

  • Soap scum
  • Hair
  • Food waste
  • Sludge from grease
  • Scale
  • Corrosion
  • Dirt and mud
  • Other debris

Jetting is faster, easier, and gentler on pipes than other types of clog removal, and it leaves your pipes clean off all debris. If slow drains have become the usual at your home, drain cleaning your local plumbers at Nance Services are here to help. 

4. Keep Up with Plumbing Maintenance

Okay, we know this suggestion won’t help after the drain is already clogged, but keeping your plumbing system maintained by the professionals at Nance Services in Memphis, TN, is the best way to prevent slow drains from happening. We bring the best of both worlds to our customers—traditional, time-tested plumbing techniques and cutting-edge technologies—to provide effective maintenance services you can count on.

Benefits of plumbing maintenance include:

  • Emergency prevention
  • Plumbing repair cost savings
  • Improved water pressure
  • Reduced water waste and lower monthly water bills
  • Early leak detection

Nance Services offers customers comprehensive maintenance agreements that protect your entire plumbing system.

Let Your Local Plumber Do the Job

Nance Services has provided the Memphis area with same-day and emergency services for heating, cooling, and plumbing. Give us a call for drain cleaning and any other problems you encounter with your plumbing system.

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