Toilet Not Flushing? We Know The Cure

Your toilet is one of the hardest-working fixtures in your house. You depend on it to work both for hygienic reasons and for convenience. When you press the handle to flush, and nothing happens, your whole day can go down the drain. 

If your toilet doesn’t flush as it should or doesn’t flush at all, there are several things that could be to blame. The drain could be clogged, even if the clog isn’t visible. One of many moving parts could also need repair. A professional plumber can come to your Memphis, TN home and quickly identify and repair the issue.

A Toilet Clog Can Prevent a Good Flush

One reason your toilet may not flush properly is that it’s clogged. This clogging may not be obvious to you if the clog is farther down the line. If there’s a clog, even a partial one, your toilet may still flush, but it might be slow and not powerful enough to deal with the waste that needs to disappear.

An important way to prevent clogs in your toilet drain line is to never flush anything but toilet paper and waste. Disinfectant wipes and other small debris can get stuck as they move through your drain and create a partial or even a complete blockage of your drain. 

Though a plunger can fix visible toilet clogs, a clog that is farther down your line is best handled by a professional plumber. They may use an auger or a toilet snake to loosen things in your sewer line. If those efforts are unsuccessful, you may need a professional drain cleaning.

A Loose Toilet Handle Chain Can Affect Your Flush

Occasionally, the chain that connects your toilet handle to the flapper at the bottom of your tank can come loose or become detached from either the handle or the flapper. If that happens, the chain needs to be reattached.

When you press your toilet handle, the attached chain pulls the flapper up. The flapper is the rubber valve at the bottom of your tank that holds the water in the tank. When the flapper raises, the water in the toilet tank floods the bowl creating suction that causes your toilet to flush. 

If the chain has become disconnected, your flapper isn’t able to rise, so your toilet won’t flush. This condition is an easy fix for your professional plumber in Memphis, TN.

What If Your Flapper Doesn’t Seal Properly

When the flapper at the bottom of your toilet tank doesn’t close properly, it prevents the tank from filling up with water. In addition, it will cause your water to constantly run in an effort to keep your toilet tank adequately filled. 

As the flapper opens and closes over time with moving water rushing past, it may become warped or bent. In that case, the flapper will need to be replaced.

If Your Toilet Tank Doesn’t Adequately Fill it Won’t Flush Well

Sometimes, fixing a toilet that won’t flush requires determining why your toilet tank doesn’t fill all of the way up. As previously mentioned, the pressure necessary for a strong, effective flush comes from the flood of water coming from the toilet tank into the bowl. If your tank isn’t filled up, you will notice a weaker flush or perhaps no flush at all.

The problem could be because your toilet tank float needs to be adjusted. Over time the float can move or slide slightly along its arm and lose proper adjustment. When that happens, it may cause the automatic filling of your tank to stop before your tank is actually full. This float arm issue is an easy fix for a professional plumber.

A Faulty Overflow Tube Can Cause a Poor Flush

The overflow tube is located inside your toilet tank near the refill tube. The overflow tube helps empty the clean water from your tank into your toilet bowl during a flush. 

Constant pressure inside your toilet tank can cause these tubes to become damaged or cracked. This damage can cause the water to run into the overflow tube rather than around and past it.

If your overflow tube is broken, it must be replaced for your toilet to flush properly. A Memphis, TN, plumbing professional can help you get the right part and install it for you quickly.

Dirty Toilet Jets Can Weaken Your Flush

Over time, lime or other kinds of mineral deposits can build up in the small holes along the underside of your toilet bowl rim. Keeping these small holes open and clean allows the water to flow freely through them to create the swirling action that can help provide an effective flush.

A plumber will have the tools and know-how to clean these jets and keep the water flowing freely so that your toilet flushes as it should. 

Keep Your Toilet Running Smoothly

Fixing a toilet that won’t flush takes some patience and know-how. Fixing such an important fixture in your home is best left to the pros. If your Memphis, TN toilet is ruining your day, give Nance Services a call. 

Our professional plumbers are here to help. Whether you need simple toilet repair or professional drain cleaning services, we’ve got you covered and can get your toilet and your day running smoothly again.

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