Your Guide to HVAC Tune-Ups

Your HVAC system works around the clock all year to make sure the air inside of your home is more comfortable than outside air.

HVAC systems can be expensive to install and operate. One way to get the most out of your investment is through regular HVAC maintenance. Your HVAC may be functional for now, but you may never really know its condition until you contact a professional to tune it up. 

Why You Should Get HVAC Tune-Ups

HVAC technicians offer comprehensive HVAC servicing through tune-ups. The benefit of these services is that they address every small issue that could be impacting the functionality of your HVAC system. 

Provides Preventative Maintenance

Addressing small repairs, such as cracked heat exchangers or blown fuses, helps prevent these issues from turning into more expensive and critical repairs over time. 

Scheduling regular HVAC tune-ups comes with a relatively small upfront cost when compared to replacements that would be necessary down the line if the problems are not corrected before damaging other components. 

Improves Efficiency

Regular maintenance ensures that your system won’t need to run as hard to heat or cool your home, cutting down on the total amount of time the system is running each day and decreasing your utility costs. 

Increases Longevity of the Appliance

HVAC systems typically last between 10 and 25 years. Regular maintenance reduces wear and tear on your system over time. Less frequent HVAC replacements can result in big savings. 

Improves Air Quality and Safety

Your HVAC system keeps dust, dirt, and other allergens out of your home. Without proper maintenance, your home could become less sanitary or a problem for people with existing health conditions, such as asthma. 

When your heating fails, your pipes are susceptible to freezing and could burst. Water damage is a very costly repair. Your HVAC system also has a lot of electrical components that need to function properly to remain safe. 

What Is an HVAC Tune-Up?

An HVAC tune-up is essentially scheduled, professional maintenance for your entire HVAC system. A tune-up starts with a visual inspection, then a thorough cleaning, and finally, the necessary adjustments and repairs are performed. 

Each step is critical in the HVAC tune-up process because together, they ensure the best functionality for your system. 


Professional HVAC inspection goes deep into your system and examines any component that could impact the safety or function. Technicians will check all aspects of the systems, as well as the surrounding area. 

Before getting started with any improvements, the state of your system will be thoroughly tested and analyzed. The rest of the HVAC tune-up will depend on what is found during the inspection.


Dirt and debris collect in your HVAC system over time. This buildup can age your system faster than anything else. Burners, blowers, and drains need to be cleaned alongside the interior of the unit.

Cleaning your HVAC system helps keep your entire home clean. The dirt in your HVAC system will collect even if filters are changed regularly. 

Adjustments and Repairs

The adjustments and repairs needed will depend on the results of the inspection. Most fixes are quick adjustments that keep the system running smoothly. Some components need to be replaced more often than others, but most replacements are predictable and expected. 

Repairs vary dramatically in complexity and severity. That is why a professional is there to help. Before big repairs, you will be updated on what they mean for your system and expected costs. 

When Do You Need HVAC Tune-Ups?

The timing of your HVAC tune-up is important. While an HVAC tune-up can be completed any time you are concerned about the state of your system, some time periods are more critical than others. 

As Your System Ages

Newer systems do not require tune-ups as frequently. Once a year service is often sufficient for systems less than five years old. The older your system gets, the more general wear and tear will make tune-ups important. 

Older systems need more frequent part replacement and repair. HVAC systems do not last forever, but regular maintenance helps increase their lifespan in a way that is more affordable.

Between Seasons

The best time to tune up your HVAC system is at the start of spring or fall. This is because temperature changes require your system to switch functions, and so there are more possible trouble points. 

In Memphis, many homeowners start cooling their air mid-spring and heating their air mid-fall. When your system is changing from heating to cooling or vice versa, you need to make sure that your system can perform for months to come.

Ensure your system is ready for a change by having a qualified HVAC technician check it out.

Nance Services Performs HVAC Tune-Ups in Memphis, TN

At Nance Services, we understand the value of your HVAC system. We provide HVAC tune-up services in Memphis, TN, and we have over 75 years of experience in the industry, so we know the ins and outs of all shapes and sizes of HVAC systems. 

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