AC Tune-Up in Memphis, TN

Summer in Memphis would not be the same without your favorite air conditioning unit. You can enjoy the warm days with your AC unit that keeps your home at a comfortable temperature. If you have an AC system, you know how important it is to you and your family. The team at Nance Services understands that a broken air conditioning unit is a major inconvenience, so we will do everything we can to restore it. 

You probably rely on your AC unit to keep your employees and customers cool on hot days if you own a business. When you’re at home, you appreciate a refreshing environment to kick back after a long day. Summer nights make it difficult to sleep. An AC unit can make all the difference on those warm nights. Don’t be stuck without refreshing cool air; keep up with your regular air conditioning annual service. Nance Services, your trusted HVAC company, can assist you with your air conditioning maintenance, so you can enjoy your AC for many years!

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What is an AC Tune-Up?

An AC Tune-Up is like the regular visits you make to your doctor to ensure that you stay healthy and find potential conditions before they worsen. When a technician comes to your home to do an AC tune-up, they inspect the inside and the outside of your air conditioner for wear and tear. AC tune-ups are known as preventative maintenance because they do precisely that. AC tune-ups pick up problems before they become serious. 

It is best to schedule an AC tune-up once a year, just before summer kicks in and you need your AC unit. When you don’t use your air conditioner during winter, mold and dust collect inside the unit and clog the filters. This can put a strain on your AC and shorten its lifespan. 

What Happens at an AC Tune-Up?

Our skilled team has a standard checklist for routine tune-ups. They are thorough when inspecting your AC unit, so they won’t miss any potential problems. When a technician comes to your home for an AC tune-up, they will:


High and low voltage and record readings

Compressors and condenser fan motor start and running amps

Start and run capacitor MFD for the compressor and condenser fan motor

Refrigerant pressures 

Temperature drops across the evaporator coil 

The ductwork static operating pressures 


  • All High and Low voltage electrical connections
  • Contactors for proper operation
  • Relays for proper operation
  • Control boards for proper operation
  • All water safety overflow safety controls 
  • Ductwork for proper installation and sealing 
  • Evaporator coil for proper drainage 
  • Blower motor, capacitor operation, and voltage
  • Thermostat calibration, level, and operations. 


  • Condensate drain and cycle condensate pump (if applicable)
  • Outside condenser coil
  • All debris and mold from around the unit


  • Change the filter
  • Lubricate accessible motors and bearings if applicable

The Benefits of an AC Tune-Up

Sadly, AC tune-ups are often neglected. We lead busy lives, and it’s easy to forget about regular maintenance if our AC units seem to be in good condition. What some people don’t know is that AC tune-ups actively improve the performance of their HVAC system. 

Lower Utility Bills

A clean, well-maintained air conditioner performs better, and won’t have to overcome any hurdles to keep your home cool. Problematic AC units use more electricity.

Fewer Repairs

If you keep up with your AC tune-ups, it lowers the chances of emergency repairs. Repairs can be expensive, and a poorly-maintained AC unit needs frequent repairs. 

Extend Your AC’s Lifespan

Take care of your AC, and it will take care of you for many years. Regularly upgrading old parts and cleaning the components prevents excessive wear and tear.

Prevents Sudden Breakdowns

It can be frustrating when your AC unit breaks down on the hottest day, leaving you in a sauna. Tune-ups can’t guarantee that your AC won’t ever break down. However, it lowers the frequency and chances of it happening.

Your AC unit is an investment for you and your family. The average AC can last up to 20 years if taken care of. AC tune-ups will help you reach that point. 

Signs That You Need an AC Repair

The signs that your AC needs a repair may be subtle and hard to notice. Nance Service’s team has trained eyes; they will find these snags swiftly!

If your utility bills are higher than normal, give us a call, and we’ll inspect your system. If your AC system hasn’t been maintained each year, the amount of energy that your AC unit uses energy will increase. 

If your home has uneven temperatures, one of the vents might be clogged up. The vent may only need a clean-up, or it could be a technical error that only a professional can treat. 

If your AC does not blow cool air, you should call us. The AC unit may need a refrigerant refill or a recharge. Other possible causes for this need professional eyes and hands to take care of them. 

If you are experiencing severe allergy symptoms, it could be the indoor air quality of your home. Your air filter may need to replace. The air filter collects dust and pollen from the outside air, so it does not come into your home. However, if you find dust and pollen, your air filter is dirty and needs to be replaced. 

If there is a scraping or grinding sound, you should keep your AC off until you can find a trusted HVAC company. Give us a call to get that checked out. 

Part of what an air conditioning system does is remove humidity from the air indoors. Humid environments can be unhealthy as they allow bacteria and mold to thrive. If your home’s humidity levels don’t drop below 30 percent, you need to call Nance Services. Your AC may have an internal problem. 

When to Get an AC Replacement

Unfortunately, HVAC systems don’t last forever. If your AC unit is between 15-20 years old and breaks down often, repairs may not be worth your time and money. It’s time to consider a replacement. Don’t worry, though. We have a team of friendly experts that will explain all the available AC options to you. With us, you can be sure you will get the best AC unit for your home. 

Enjoy Your AC With Our Unbeatable Services!

Nance Services can offer you the best HVAC services in Memphis. If you are searching for a local repair company to get your AC back in working order, we are the ones to call. We are straightforward and honest with our pricing. We will discuss the costs of AC repairs, tune-ups, and installations before we start working on your AC. 

We install quality HVAC units, using only the best products. Our team will ensure that all AC services are done properly so you can use your AC without letup. Nance Services takes pride in always being on time and having most of our parts with us when we get to your house. In this way, we can diagnose the problem and provide the solution in one visit. 

We also offer a Service Guarantee, Repair Guarantee, and Replacement Guarantee. Most importantly, your satisfaction is guaranteed! It is our job to ensure comfortable temperatures in your home this summer. You won’t regret choosing us!

For quality AC-Tune-Ups and other HVAC Services, contact Nance Services at 901-867-1527 or arrange an appointment online!